Christmas, Gathering Style

I am so excited about what is happening at The Gathering. You are stepping up to the challenge this year by reaching beyond yourself to be a blessing to people you will never know. Rather than allow God’s blessings to terminate on yourself, you are determining to be a channel of blessing to the world.

This year, we’re cutting our Christmas budgets in order to provide safety and nutrition to many people who, without these “sacrifices” might not survive to see another Christmas. By providing goats for milk and nets to protect against exposure to Malaria, money that would have been spent on a gift with limited satisfaction value and forgotten in a year, will now be spent on gifts that will give more than satisfaction…they will give life!

When we engage in this kind of giving, we experience what Scripture says about it being more blessed to give than to receive. If you have not yet determined what you’re going to give this year, do it now. We don’t want to pressure anyone into taking part, but believe that if you determine to use your resources for the glory of God this year by meeting needs in the name of Christ, you will experience the joy in giving that God designed all along.

$70 provides a goat for a family along with all the training needed to care for the goat. With the birth of additional goats, one female is given back to Samaritan’s Purse in order to provide for another family, making it possible for your one gift of $70 to be multiplied indefinitely to meet the needs of countless families! Also, for $10, you can provide a treated net that will protect a family from deadly mosquito bites while they sleep. It costs so little but provides so much. Make sure you take part this year.

If you are a part of The Gathering family, please contribute in addition to your regular tithe, designated “goats” or “nets” (or both!). If you are not a part of The Gathering but would like to take part through our ministry, please send a check to our office address with your check designated “goats” or “nets”, as well.

Thank you so much for helping us transform Christmas from a season of consumerism to one of compassion in the name of Jesus.


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